One of the most common questions I hear…

What supplies will I need to get started making soap?

The answer to the question is typically… it depends.

It depends on the process you will use to make soap. It depends on the quantity you will be making. It depends on whether you will be making soap for personal use or for profit.

All in all, when choosing soap supplies you need to be sure that the products are of good quality. But they don’t need to be expensive. Second hand is just fine when you are just getting started some second hand items will last just as long as their brand new counter parts.

If you don’t want to buy second hand there are many sites  online that can help you get a  hold of soap supplies, which are of excellent quality. As you may already be aware the issue is that there may actually be a wide variety in terms of choice. Since there is such a choice you may have to see what exactly the best option for you is when it comes to soap supplies. Make sure that you know what exactly your requirements are before making that all important purchase decision.

Picture of Soap SuppliesWhen we talk about supplies we are talking about those things you will use over and over again so you do want to look for quality. Not necessarily name brand but those items that will withstand the test of time and repeated use. This will include your: stick blender, spatulas, mixing bowls, pitchers, soap molds, gloves goggles, crockpot, stainless steel pots and more. Zakia over at Live Soap School created a handy list of 7 tools you should have in your arsenal when just getting started. You can check it out here.

As you can see the basic staple supplies of most soap makers isn’t very expensive but we haven’t talked about ingredients… This is where many will break the bank.

How much does it cost to get started making soap?

Well as you can imagine it will depend on the supplies and suppliers you choose. If you are able to get all of your supplies locally, you will save on shipping. If you already have many of the basic staples in your kitchen your cost will be significantly lower than someone who has to order everything online. On average I have seen many new soap makers get started with less than $100.00.

Be sure to check out the shopping list on Live Soap School as it has links to several inexpensive supplies and if you have amazon prime many of the items will come with free shipping.  Amazon is actually running a promotion where you can try prime for 30 days for FREE!

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