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With our cookbook bundle you can get both copies of Zakia’s book for new soap makers. Order the New Soap Makers Cookbook Bundle and  you will receive both books.
  • The New Soap Makers Cookbook – Ingredients for Success
  • The New Soap Makers Cookbook – Making Cold Process Soap from Scratch

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What you put on your skin, goes into your skin make it natural and VEGAN. Learn to create your own Vegan Soap with our latest Soap Makers cookbook.

How is the New Soap Makers Cookbook different?

The New Soap Makers cookbooks are written with the beginner in mind. The purpose of these books are to eliminate much of the trial and error  new soapmakers encounter without all the extra fluff. The New Soap Makers Cookbooks outlines exactly what you need to get started making soap and become successful with your new craft.

Upcoming Events

SEPTEMBER 23, 2018

Yeadon Public Library • Yeadon, PA

Author talk and book signing.

Local Soap Making Workshops

Hands on soap making workshops with Zakia Ringgold.