By Zakia Ringgold

The New Soap Makers Cookbook

Making Cold Process Soap From Scratch

The perfect cookbook for beginners who want to make natural handmade soap at home. This no-nonsense approach guides you along an easy to understand step by step process. Discover all of the basics including: soap safety, how to work with lye, supplies to get started, step by step soap making instructions, easy recipes with simple ingredients and more. You will even learn to create your own recipes to make truly unique homemade soap. With The New Soap Makers Cookbook, a few simple tools and ingredients you can start making your own natural soap at home without all the guesswork

Live Soap Maker

Zakia Ringgold

Zakia Ringgold is the Creator of Live Soap School where she teaches people around the world the art and science of soap making. Comparing soap making to the ancient arts of alchemy in her mind, it captured her curiosity as a way of transforming simple elements into something which could have a precious value. Living and live streaming from Philadelphia, PA, with her two daughters: Nyla and Paige, Zakia truly enjoys inspiring others to unlock their creativity through the craft of making soap. You may catch Nyla just out of camera range, as she practices her singing and dancing, while Paige makes her own version of soap pies right alongside mom while broadcasting Live!

Other Books

New Soap Makers Cookbook – Ingredients for Success

Beginning with the question “Why do you want to make soap?” You are ushered into the world of soap making in the pages of “The New Soap Makers Cookbook – Ingredients For Success”. You may want control over the amount and types of chemicals that your family is being exposed to, looking for an interesting hobby, starting a business or maybe something as simple as the satisfaction of using and sharing something you created with love, every day. This book outlines key ingredients to get you started while side stepping some of the most common missteps of many new soap makers. There are simple “ingredients” to shift your paradigm on your new craft going all the way up to cold process soap making. “The New Soapmakers Cookbook – Ingredients For Success”, is a great place to start or reignite crafting your own handmade soap. And the great part is, you may find you already have most of the ingredients right now, without stepping into a single store.

I really thought this book was wonderful and well written. It reflected the thoughts, questions and actions that many new, and experienced soap makers need to know in order to become successful in a growing industry

– Amazon Review

I watch all of  Zakia’s Live streams and was so excited when she published making cold process soap from scratch. I made my first batch of soap and now my whole family is hooked. THANK YOU!

– Claudia

Excellent book that is not just for soapers but crafters as well. So if you are a crafter this is the book for you.

– Mocha Dee